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That might be partly because there are three degrees to which a piece of chicken can be cooked: not safe, safe, and burnt beyond recognition. Meat's fat content varies from animal to animal, and within each animal, it varies from part to part. The muscle lean meat is relatively constant in composition in a given species Table Ball your hand into a fist and use your knuckles to grind the dry rub seasoning deep into the meat. For denser meat, marinades work best when the meat is cut into smaller pieces so the marinade can penetrate a larger surface area.
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Science of Slow Cooking

This not only introduces an unpleasant taste, but increases the risk of food poisoning. You are commenting using your Google account. Tables and list the typical vitamin content of raw meat and offals. I add some olive oil ,pepper,salt,lemon juice,soy sauce,sugar and Chinese cooking wine. Do you love to cook on your grill but are looking to improve your barbecue skills? Old animals, especially old draught animals, have a high content of tough connective tissue in the muscle and prolonged cooking at a low temperature is needed to soften the meat by hydrolysis of the connective tissue - a fact not always known to consumers. It is also a good source of iron and zinc and several B vitamins, and liver is a very rich source of vitamin A.
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Science of Slow Cooking

Cooked flavour results from a number of reactions including changes in lipids, carbohydrate and protein, with heat breakdown of peptides and amino acids and reactions between proteins and carbohydrates. Water is lost during cooking, the amount depending on time, temperature, method of cooking, size of sample, heat penetration and composition leading to an increase in concentration of the fat and protein. The structural basis of water-holding in meat. Enzymatic marinades use things like pineapple, guava, or ginger. Humidity is kept at about 70 percent to keep the exposed meat surfaces dry. Flavor is an important attribute, which is why meat broths and stocks are often used instead of plain water as a source of moisture.
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Excess added moisture also makes it difficult to get meat or poultry to brown during the cooking process. There are three other categories. What is lactose intolerance? Pig meat is very rich in thiamin compared with all other animals, nine times as much, but has the same content of riboflavin as others. The combination creates the "meaty" flavor and changes the color. Marinades work best on meats such as chicken breast and fish, because the muscle structure is not as dense as it is in steak.
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